Sweppa the portal for emotional communication, any channel you use digital or traditional, will have to combine creativity, aesthetics and functionality, without compromising the usability of the contents and the understanding of the corporate message, the latter must be enhanced by an advertising strategy, because it is also true, that the substance is important, but it must be understood, that to be transmitted, in a targeted way, the only is not enough, to maximize the result, it is necessary to use marketing tools suitable for the purpose.
Our communication experience rotates 360 °, for years now we have been dealing with helping activities, to present themselves in a modern and captivating way, with the use of both graphic design and photographic and video shooting, without neglecting the fundamental texts for the success of the project.

Sweppa his pictogram is the union of two symbols: the "W" of the web and the tip of a pencil, a combination of the tradition of printing and the innovation of digital technology. The black design that distinguishes us, demonstrates our nature against the current. Black predisposes to immersion in the multimedia world whether it is theater, cinema or the web, free your thoughts.
Sweppa is a positive attitude to life. It wants to be a free way of living and working, bringing all our projects to completion in the most performing way possible. The essence combined with elegance is synonymous with Sweppa. This is our corporate philosophy.

If you want to be one of us, we welcome you with open arms, but in return you must agree to revolutionize your way of thinking. Join the battle cry "Waaaaaa". Our success is your change!

And you have the #Sweppability?

What does Sweppa mean?

A Sweppa is someone who does not know what a Sweppa is.
Sweppa is someone who doesn't know what Sweppa is.

Guy - "Look at all these sweppas around here!"
Boy - "Look at all these Sweppa around here!"

Girl - "What is a Sweppa?"
Girl - "What is Sweppa"

Guy - "YOU!!"
Boy - "You!"

Girl - "How am i a Sweppa?"
Girl - "How am I Sweppa?"

Guy- "Because you don't know what a sweppa is."
Boy - "Because you don't know what Sweppa is"

cit: Urban Dictionary